Print media materials

The “World Without Borders” Travel Association issues specialized printed materials while getting together the united Russian stand for Asian Tourism and Travel Fairs. Official delegations, guests and visitors are presented with localized eye-catching brochures, leaflets, calendars and maps of Russia.

«Welcome to Russia» illustrated leaflet

Each spread of the leaflet is dedicated to a certain Russian region. The leaflet opens on a head-note from Russian tourism officials and then proceeds to descriptions of Russian regions’ picturesque sights, popular itineraries, monuments and places of interest. All the best points of the regions are listed in respect of the different tourist audiences concerned.

Russian Federation wall map

This map can be used for an indefinite amount of time. It can become an important piece of your office design, if you take interest in Russia. This map can help you plan trips and dream of perfect itineraries during your breaks.

Hand fans

Why we use hand fans as promotional materials:

  • Hand fans are a popular tradition in China in particular and Southeast Asia at large
  • People will repeatedly reach for a well-crafted hand fan, as it will not be archived like any other printed material
  • A hand fan’s surface allows for optimal combination of text and images
  • Promotional hand fans aren’t common on travel fairs and expos, therefore they will help you to stand out from the competition
  • Our hand fans with adverts on Russia are hugely popular during Asian travel fairs.

We take great pride in the deep knowledge of eastern mentality we acquired working with our partners and colleagues from the Asian-Pacific countries for ten years. We will help you find the right style, tone and turn of phrase for your publications. Our competences include the promotion of your projects both on paper and electronic media.

All the print media materials are prepared using the input of translators from regions geographically close to the native country of the intended audience. The fully paginated layout is emailed to the country where the travel fair is set to take place, and the whole bulk is printed there under the control of our officials. This scheme helps avoiding travel and customs expenses. We also offer promotional materials distribution during the fairs or so called virtual participation.