The republic of Korea, like Japan and the People’s Republic of China has great incoming tourism potential to Russia. Each year about 10 million tourists from the Republic of Korea travel the world. It should, however, be noted that 60-70% of the country’s tourist market are taken up by China and Japan.   

The Korean destination is growing popular among leading tour operating companies in Moscow, St Petersburg as well as those from Siberia and the Far East, and their quantity is increasing.

Furthering mutual tourist exchanges is a point of interest for both Russia and Korea. About 50 000 Korean tourists have visited Russia in 2011, but both sides agree that the numbers could have been much higher. Therefore the “World Without Borders” Association pays special attention to distributing information on Russian national tourism potential in Korean, along with brochures in Korean language on the Association’s members and areas of expertise.

Important points in tourism cooperation were reached between Russia and Korea during the latest joint meetings. Namely they concern furthering tourists safety, information exchange, formulating itineraries taking into account tourists’ national differences and preferences.

In the context of the Agreement between the Government of the Russian Federation and the Government of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea on mutual travels of citizens signed in 2001 it was decided to conduct yearly tourism conferences alternating them between Russia and Korea. A joint Russian-Korean working group was set up to prepare and conduct such sessions. The “World Without Borders” Association is one part of the working group, while the other is comprised of the KATA, KTO and KTA associations.

This joint working group resolves practical cooperation issues between business structures, organizes conferences and helps implementing the decisions taken.

During one of the Joint Working Group sessions the “World Without Borders” partnership presented to the Korean side a list of tour operating companies working on incoming tourism from the Korean destination, while the KTA and KATA Associations brought a likewise list of companies working on outgoing travels, notably to Russia. Doubtlessly, such an exchange furthered business contacts between Russian and Korean tour operating companies, as well as boosted mutual tourist flow, service quality and tourist safety.

The “World Without Borders” keep close contact with the KNTO representation office in Moscow for a better understanding and information exchange.

Russian-Korean meetings within the framework of the Intourmarket international travel fair in Moscow and KOTFA in Seoul mark an important stage in the cooperation in the field of tourism between our two countries. Incidentally, the “World Without Borders” Association yearly compiles Russia’s united national stand on the KOTFA travel fair.

Opening an official representation office of the “World Without Borders” Association in Korea was an important point in our work. Promoting Russia’s tourist potential on the Korean market is the office’s main objective.

The “World Without Borders” Association plans the publication and further distribution throughout the Republic of Korea of informational and promotional brochures in Korean language about Russia and its touristic potential.

A Joint Action program in the field of tourism for the period of 2011-2013 between the Federal Agency for Tourism and the Korea Tourism Organization was signed in October 2010 with the participation of the “World Without Borders” Association. Its main objectives are furthering cooperation on promoting mutual tourism, improving tourism legislation, attracting investments, bettering tourism safety, upgrading staff skills etc.

These activities will help further develop bilateral cooperation in the field of tourism and boosting our country’s popularity in Korea as a tourism destination.