Event management

Holding MICE events and presentations is one of the “World Without Borders” Travel Association’s main specializations. The “World Without Borders” Travel Association traditionally organizes the most widely known and publicized events aimed at developing cooperation in the field of tourism between Russia and China People’s Republic, the Republic of Korea, India and Japan.

Russian-Chinese forums on mutual tourism promotion and investment opportunities development held within the framework of the Years of Two-Way Tourism between Russia and China are part of the Association’s business portfolio, as well as all the industry conferences held between Russia and Japan and Russia and Korea in 2005-2013.

A considerable part of the Association’s work consists in organizing joint familiarization trips for tour operating companies in Russia and Asian-Oceanic countries.

These last years the “World Without Borders” Travel Association greatly contributed to mutual tourism development between Russia and the People’s Republic of China by holding well-publicized presentations of several Chinese regions on some of the best sites in Moscow and St Petersburg. Those events were warmly received by the tourism business community. Many of the aforementioned regions already have signed joint programs on tourism development with the Russian side, all under the guidance of China's State Administration of Tourism.

Such events allow for a more detailed local tourism presentation, which in turn widens the travel horizons of tourists from both countries.

The “World Without Borders” Travel Association itself and its Associated members are reliable partners open to cooperation with the world’ most promising tourism markets.