Russian-Chinese cooperation in the field of tourism encompasses a wide range of areas, such as top-level ties, commercial-economic and humanitarian cooperation, international cooperation ( notably in the UN Security Council) as well as joint participation in international organizations’ work (The Shanghai Cooperation Organization and BRICS) etc.

At present Russian-Chinese cooperation is described as “strategic partnership and cooperation” by both sides.

The Chinese side shows a massive breakthrough not just in national economy at large, but particularly in tourism these recent years. According to the UNWTO research, China, USA, France, Spain, Hong Kong are named the most promising tourism destinations in 2020. It should be noted however, that in China not only incoming, but outgoing tourism is on the rise as well. Millions of Chinese tourists travel the world nowadays. Russia is marked #3 in the Chinese’s travel preferences. According to Rosstat’s statistic data, 843000 Chinese tourists have traveled to Russia in 2011, 234000 of which were tourists. It is a spectacular almost 50% dynamic for the Chinese tourist flow to Russia, compared to 2010 results.

Thus it is evident that the “World Without Borders” Association’s best and most faithful partners are tourist associations of the People's Republic of China. A Memorandum on cooperation between the “World Without Borders” Association and the China tourism Association was signed in march 2007 within the framework of China's State Administration of Tourism Head, Mr. Shao Qiwei ‘s official visit to the Russian Federation. The signing happened during the Sub-Commission on Tourism of the Russian-Chinese Commission for Humanitarian Cooperation’s 4th session. Mr. Shao Qiwei’s visit commemorated the opening events of the Year of China in Russia.

The aforementioned Memorandum is an important milestone in the Russian-Chinese tourism cooperation, working to enhance mutual travels’ prestige. Today, as before, developing bilateral ties means ensuring tourist’s right and benefits, their better safety, and better service quality.

The “World Without Borders” partnership pays special attention to its Associates’ work on organizing visa-free group travels implementing the Agreement between the Governments of the Russian Federation and the People’s Republic of China on visa-free group travels that was signed in 2000.  

The “World Without Borders” Association experts help Associate members correctly formalize group lists of Chinese tourists arriving to Russia by the via-free regimen, then they deliver the lists to border control zones of Moscow and St Petersburg airports where they accompany the tourists through the border formalities and prevent or solve any potential problems there.

A joint project on furthering the safety of Russian and Chinese tourists is being implemented by the “World Without Borders” Partnership and China’s leading insurance company “China Life”. A specialized informational help center for Chinese tourists is functioning which helps tourists resolve any unforeseen problems and troubles.

This particular area of work of the “World Without Borders” Partnership is getting positive feedback from the Chinese side as well as from Russian state and municipal governing bodies in tourism.

The “World Without Borders” Association keeps close contact with the China's State Administration of Tourism representation office in Moscow which allows solving many questions and keeping up the cooperation. The Association is keeping ties with China on the municipal level as well. For example, bilateral agreements were signed between the “World Without Borders” Association and several municipal authorities, as well as with the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region tourism authority, the city of Guilin tourism authority, the city of Rizhao tourism authority, the city of Beihai government.

Bilateral cooperation is also established with the tourism authorities of the Shandong, Harbin, Jilin provinces, the cities of Shanghai and Guangzhou.

The “World Without Borders” Association’s representation office and the Russian tourist club in China were created to ensure that thing run smoothly on the Chinese destination.

The “World Without Borders” Partnership publishes the “Russia Today” magazine on Russian tourism in Chinese in association with the Russian Embassy in China. This magazine is distributed to leading Chinese tour operating companies offices, Russian official representation offices in China, to international tourism exhibition and to the Chinese press. Aside from information on Russian regions and other information on national tourism product, it contains articles on the “World Without Borders” Association’s work on the Chinese destination and on via-free group travels practice between Russia and China.

Information on the “World Without Borders” Partnership’s members and activities is available on the Russian Embassy’s website. The Association also publishes brochures on Chinese, where its activity areas and associated members’ are described in detail. These brochures are later distributed on all the events organized by the Association in China.

For several successive years by order from the Federal Agency for tourism the “World Without Borders” Association has been organizing united national stands of the Russian Federation on international tourism exhibitions conducted in China. With participation of the Russian Embassy and consulate general the Association makes presentations of Russia’s tourist resources on exhibitions in Beijing, Shanghai, Kunming, Guangzhou, Hong Kong and Taipei.

In a mutual effort to further and strengthen Russian-Chinese ties and cooperation in the field of tourism the Russian and Chinese Heads of State named 2012 the Year of Russian tourism in China and similarly 2013 – the Year of Chinese tourism in Russia.