International activities

The “World Without Borders” Association consistently and continuously cooperates with national tourism administrations of countries such as China, Japan, Turkey, Finland, Poland, Republic of Korea, India, Iran etc, with their representative offices in Russia and with foreign professional tourism businesses associations. Bilateral agreements on cooperation in the field of tourism are the result of the Association’s work.

For example, a bilateral agreement on cooperation in the field of tourism has been signed between the “World Without Borders” Association and the Chinese tourist companies association in march 2007. The “World Without Borders” Association has cordial relations with the Japan Association of Travel Agents (JATA), which led to the creation of a regular Joint Committee with representation offices in several Russian regions. There is also a working group on tourism created between the “World Without Borders” Association and leading Korean tourism associations KTA and KATA. 

An Agreement on visa-free group travels was signed between the Governments of the Russian Federation and the People’s Republic of China on February 2000. The “World Without Borders” Association is an important implementing force of this agreement, being the main coordinating body of tour operating companies’ activities in visa-free group travels between Russia and China. This work is done with the support of the Foreign Affairs Ministry of the Russian Federation and the Federal Agency for Tourism with cooperation from the State Tourism Administration of the People’s Republic of China representative office based on the bilateral agreement on cooperation between the “World Without Borders” Association and the Chinese travel companies association. 

Trough the years the “World Without Borders'' Association has created an effective mechanism of tourist reception for the tourists traveling from China. A unified record-keeping system, informational support, a network of Association representatives escorting the groups in and out of the border control zone all are part of our expertise.

The “World Without Borders'' Association helps Russian tour operating companies certify accommodation confirmations for Chinese travel groups with by competent coordinating bodies within the Federal Subjects of the Russian Federation or the State coordinating body. Then the confirmations are transmitted to border control by Association officials on the same day, or, in case of rejection, the travel agency is immediately informed.