Our goals

 “World Without Borders” Tourist Association’s main goals are:

  • contribution to the development of incoming tourism and Associate members’ professional activities efficiency improvement;
  • national tourist product promotion on domestic and international markets;
  • promotion and defense of Associate members’ interests before government authorities, in courts and other official bodies, action against unfair competition in the tourism sphere; 
  • coordination of Associate members’ interaction with concerned government agencies over tourist exchange between the Russian Federation and other states.

“World Without Borders” Tourist Association’s main business activities:

  • participating in the development and implementation of national and international tourism programs and projects while keeping Associate members’ interests at heart;
  • strengthening the cooperation between travel companies, enterpreneurs and federal executive bodies, as well as bodies of state power of subjects of the Russian Federation and local government bodies;
  • participating in the improvement of Russian tourism laws and regulations;
  • participating in advertising, informational, publishing activities and exhibitions, advisory boards, presentations and other professional activities in the field of tourism;
  • preparing, edition and distribution abroad of promotional brochures on Russia as a tourist destination; 
  • helping Russian organisations and entrepreneurs in the field  of tourism and related fields establish contacts with foreign partners;
  • developing self-regulation and fair competition in the tourism sphere;
  • contribution to enhancing tourism safety and security, tourism formalities facilitation, formulating and implementing insurance and medical maintenance optimization measures for Russian citizens traveling abroad, as well as for foreign tourists sojourning on the territory of the Russian Federation ;
  • assisting to the realization of research papers on tourism, experimental and applicative studies;
  • implementing and developing new informational technologies and other types of innovations in the tourism sphere; 
  • arranging informational, consultative and methodological support;
  • organizing and holding seminars, workshops and exhibitions for a better exchange and realization of the Partership’s member’s achievements.