Chairman of Russian Travel Association "World without Borders" Ivan Vvedensky visited CTA

On December 3, in Beijing, President Dai Bin met with Ivan Vvedensky Chairman of Russian Travel Association "World without Borders", and his party. Dai Bin pointed out that, since the start-up of the Sino-Russia Tourism Year both sides have gained fruitful results and drawn global attention. After the Sino-Russia Tourism Year, exchanges and cooperation in such fields as investment, market development, and resource integration will become much more important to China and Russia. With regard to future tourism development in the two countries, he made three suggestions. First, expand cooperation issues in tourism, including but not limited to regional tourism research (e.g. in the Far East region, Manzhouli), red tourism research, etc; second, enhance tourism cooperation and market promotion, and deepen mutual understanding of modern culture; third, advance cooperation and research in the academic circles by the power of tourism associations, enterprises, and institutes, to promote communication and exchanges between tourists of the two countries.

Original: China Tourism Akademy