India: e-visa support

“World Without Borders” Associated members have access to an online visa application program designed to facilitate visa formalities for Russian touroperating companies working with incoming tourists from India and interested in increasing tourist exchanges between the two countries

The advantages of this system consist of the absence of necessity to present the original tourist invitation for the visa, which simplifies the work of host agencies in Russia and, even more importantly, of its shortening deadlines, so that visas for indian tourists can be issued during several days without even an interview.

This program was “test launched” in 2008. Associated members of “World Without Borders” Asociation have since fully appreciated its benefits. Now they can acquire visas for incoming Indian tourists faster and easier, with less expense. Tens of thousands of tourists have acquired their visas to Russia since the launch of this program, which, incidentally, is highly appreciated by the Russian consular offices.

Touroperators participating to the program fill the online confirmation forms on the website Each form is assigned its own registration number. The confirmation ticket for the foreign tourist remains in the tourist organization’s archive for a year since the confirmation date’s registration.