Beijing-Moscow Motor Rally broke the tape in the Red Square

Beijing-Moscow Motor Rally made the finish in Moscow on Saturday, July 7. The Motor Rally took place within the framework of the Year of Russian Tourism in China, was organized by World without Borders non-commercial partnership and supported by the Russia Federal Agency for Tourism and China National Tourism Administration.

Its team drove over 10,000 km in 29 days, starting from Beijing on June, 5. Over 100 representatives of Russian and Chinese leading media took part in the motor rally. Among its main goals were promoting Russian tourist resources and attracting foreign investment to tourist projects in Russia. 

The motor rally team became goodwill and friendship ambassadors: in Beijing CNTA deputy chairman Zhu Shanzhong handed a silk panel picture over to them. The panel picture symbolizes the Years of Chinese and Russian tourism and was to be carried to Sochi to be stores in the Olympic museum, for the Olympics are one of the greatest tourist events in the world. In the Red Square motor rally leader passed the panel to the head of Silk Way Rally which took its start at the same time and location to be taken to Sochi.