Russian tourism road show “Successful Russia”

Asian countries nowadays are the most perspective and fast growing tourist markets both for inbound and outbound. 
In April, 2014 Travel Association “World Without Borders” with cooperation of the Federal Agency for Tourism of the Russian Federation started the project “Successful Russia”, which is aimed to contribute to the development of the bilateral international cooperation in the sphere of tourism, to promote the image of Russia as modern, safe and prosperous country and a comfortable travel destination. Presentation tour “Successful Russia” is targeted to form the effective tourist flow into Russia, increase Russia’s investment attractiveness, and rating of Russia’s tourism at the international markets of Asia-Pacific region. 
In 2012 and 2013 Russian Tourism Road Show, a presentation tour in its form, deserved a reputation of a modern and attractive format for integrated presentation abroad of the tourism potential of Russia’s regions, as well as Russian companies working in the sphere of tourism.  
In 2014 Travel Association in cooperation with the Federal Agency for Tourism of the Russian Federation within the Federal Target Program "Development of domestic and inbound tourism of the Russian Federation (2011-2018 years)" are running a series of presentations – Russian Tourism Road Show “Successful Russia” in countries of Asia-Pacific region to create a positive image of Russia as a comfortable tourist destination and attract tourists from these countries to visit Russia.
The very first opening of the Russian Tourism Road Show «Successful Russia» was presented on  April 1, 2014 in Taipei, Taiwan in the form of presentation of Russian national tourism product. The presentation program was dedicated to the presentation of the project “Successful Russia”, as well as the presentations of the Central regions of Russia, such as Yaroslavl Region, Tatarstan and tourism products by ATC Air Services Limited.  The above-named Russian participants of the presentation tour “Successful Russia” aimed not only to tell about their regions and companies, but also to have a fruitful business discussion with interested representatives of leading Taiwan’s travel companies on how to attract tourists from Taiwan to Russia’s regions and what peculiarities should be considered when receiving guests from Taiwan to Russia.  
Next event of Russian Tourism Road Show «Successful Russia» were held in Seoul, the Republic of Korea, on May 30, 2014 in the form of the 1st Russian-Korean Mutual Tourism Forum within the years of Mutual Visits between Russia and Republic of Korea. The event became a great opportunity to discuss touristic potentials of the Republic of Korea and the Russian Federation considering visa-free regime entered this year between our countries and the official Years of mutual visits 2014-2015  between the Republic of Korea and the Russian Federation. Russian leading tourism companies, best hotels, airlines and touristic regions took part in the Forum introducing their best services and infrastructures. 
On June 26, 2014 Russian Tourism Road Show «Successful Russia» were presented in Beijing, where the project participants had series of productive business meetings with Chinese travel companies representatives.  
Participants of the "Successful Russia" are such companies and regions as Radisson Royal Hotel and Flotilia, Moscow, TSUM department store, Intourist Company, Yamalkan tourist centre,  “Appreal” Company, Aeroflot Russian Airlines, S7 Airlines,  State Duma of the Russian Federation (Head of inbound tourism expert board), Courtyard Marriott Irkutsk City Centre, Transbaikal International Tourism Bureau "Sputnik", Committee on Tourism Development of Saint-Petersburg, State Committee for Tourism of Tatarstan Republic, Ministry of sport, tourism and youth affairs of Sakhalin Region, Ministry of Development of Small Entrepreneurship Consumers' Market and Services of  Nizhny Novgorod region, Tourism Development Department  of Kamchatka Region, Head of Physical Culture, Sports and Tourism Department of Tambov Region, Tourism and Services Development Regional Recourse Centre of Ulyanovsk,  Administration of Primorsk Territory, Ministry of Business and Tourism of Sakha-Yakutia Ministry of Sport, Tourism and Youth Policy of Krasnoyarsk Territory  and many other Russia’s regional tourism administrations and prominent travel businesses. 
Target audience of the project is leading Chinese, Japanese and Korean travel companies, working with Russia or planning to work with it, tourism and investment organizations and associations, mass-media representatives and tourism-related business companies. Participation in Russian Tourism Road Show "Successful Russia" gives a great opportunity to widely promote new destinations, touristic features and best offers of Russia’s region and companies, where the industry professionals can meet for a fruitful discussion, establishing mutually beneficial business contacts and develop bilateral tourist flows.
Interested companies and organizations are highly welcome to participate in the Russian Tourism Road Show "Successful Russia"! 
Contact person of  Travel Association “World Without Borders”
Ms. Assel Smolyar, Project Director  - Tel+7 495 721 14 69, +7 915 250 32 77