Marketing and exhibitions

Russia’s national tourism product promotion on the international market and development of incoming tourism to Russia is one of the chief strategic goals for the “World Without Borders” Travel Association. In 2010 we created the “World Without Borders: Marketing and Exhibitions” company to better tend to MICE projects, especially taking into account the fact that exhibits are the key tool of territorial marketing and tourist resources promotion.

The “World Without Borders” Travel Association has compiled and organized the work of the united national Russian stand on many travel fairs in Asian-Oceanian countries by request of the Federal Agency for tourism, which relies on our longstanding expertise in incoming tourism and on Asian markets in particular.

We have explored and scrutinized the details of cooperating with our partners from various eastern countries and cultural backgrounds, such as the Chinese, the Koreans, the Hindus, the Japanese. We are now expanding on new markets. Our expertise is the reason why the “World Without Borders” Travel Association is considered the most competent company in business event management in the field of tourism in Asia.

The “World Without Borders: Marketing and Exhibitions” company is a creative, modern, organization with good visibility and mobility. Our range of services includes a complete package of exhibition-related works, namely creating country expo stands, organizing presentations, seminars, press-conferences and business meetings publishing various printed materials, realizing all types of advertising etc.