Visa-free travels between Russia and China

An Agreement on visa-free group travels was signed between the Governments of the Russian Federation and the People’s Republic of China on February 2000. According to this document, Russian and Chinese tourists are allowed to travel to each other’s country within organized travel groups without acquiring a visa.

The “World Without Borders” Tourist Association is authorized to present to competent coordinating bodies within the Federal Subjects of the Russian Federation group lists of Russian tourists and their respective accommodation confirmations for notarization. Those designated lists and confirmations, however, must derive from tourist organizations authorized to implement the earlier mentioned Intergovernmental Agreement.

Tourist group registration services provided by the Association are accessible to any fellow Associate tourist organization with a few conditions. They should be included in the Federal Agency for Tourism approved list of organizations authorised to implement the Intergovernmental Agreement on visa-free travels between Russia and China, and shouldn’t have any arrearage in their yearly contributions to the Association.

Trained Association employees are consulting their colleagues in tourist organizations on the general procedure and coordinating their work. The tourist organization only guarantees the delivery of printed and notarized sets of documents (group lists and accommodation confirmations) to the Partnership’s headquarters. “World Without Boders” employees ensure that the work is properly finalized. We fact-check the papers, deliver them to be notarized by competent bodies and later transmit them to border control points so that tourists can be swiftly and properly admitted or led out of the border zone.

“World Without Borders” experts working in airports have special admittance cards to the so-called “Sterile zone”, which help ease tourists’ transit through the border and customs control points and solve any problems that might arise. “World Without Borders” experts are highly qualified and experienced in the field, they consistently interact with the FSS Border Control Service. This helps alleviating any problems and emergencies of all kinds that arise on high season.