Travel company "Рlanetа" is a tour operator in the Kaliningrad region and will always be able to offer You affordable and interesting programs for leisure and treatment.

Our main objective — reception of tourists in the Kaliningrad region, where the Baltic sea throws on the white sand pieces of Amber

We are pleased to offer You:
- rest in hotels and boarding houses of the Kaliningrad region;
- best kitchen in the Kaliningrad region;
treatment in sanatoriums of Kaliningrad region;
- leisure activities; diving, sailing, flying a paraglider;
- round-the-clock reception..

To provide quality services we have the following resources:
- competent and experienced staff, guides and interpreters;
- own transport base;
- private reception in the Kaliningrad region;
- author tour program                                                                        

We will be happy to open doors to Russia.
We want that Your stay becomes an interesting exciting journey,
without unexpected troubles and difficulties.

We will help everyone to first open the AMBER REGION.

Kaliningradskay obl. g.Svetlogorsk, ul.Lenina 33
007- 40153 20060, +79114741121