The Bunker-42

The Bunker-42 at Taganka is the only one underground anti-nuclear bunker, located at a depth of 65 meters under the ground in the center of Moscow.  The total usable area of the bunker is 7000 square meters. So it’s real underground town which occupies all the space in Tagansky hill.  Facility consist 4 main sections, endless communication corridors,
2 shafts from surface to the ground level, entrance to the metro station Taganskaya (Ring line) and metro tunnel.

At the Soviet time the command and control center of strategic air forces was located here. This underground facility was strictly secret before 1995. The command center provided connection with military and civil structures and also controlled and operated our strategic air forces and strategic bombers. Each working shift consisted of officers, chief commanders, other military people and civil specialists.

The facility doesn’t serve as a military one. It needed reconstruction in the late 80’s, which was started but not finished because of lack of money. Later to prevent its destruction and arrange some repair works they attracted some companies not licensed to work with secret information. That’s why the facility was declassified in 1995. In 2006 the object was put into the operation as a Cold War Museum “Bunker-42”.

At the museum’s exhibition hall, you can see The Cold War exhibits, which reminds about a very tough nuclear standoff between USA and USSR. As far as more than 50 years passed since those times we try to refresh them in our guest’s minds.  You are welcome to join our tours with different topics, length, designed for people with all ages.  There is no doubt, our special effects , such as the imitation of nuclear bomb explosion  and imitation of launching nuclear missile will, definitely, not leave you indifferent! 

At the entertainment area, which is located in section number one, there are banquets halls and concert hall, and also conference hall, fully-equipped with state of the art technical and lighting facilities as well as audio visual equipment for multipurpose use. Furthermore, we strongly recommend you our interactive games and quests. Here you can organize events from 10 to 300 people. 

The Extreme tour, as well as quests and extreme games are conducted at the unrepaired  section area number 3. Previously, you could only see the catacombs in the movies, but now you have a unique opportunity to explore it on your own. 

Also, you will be able to assemble and disassemble a Kalashnikov. Bunker 42 offers a new format of command games.

Here you can feel the whole range of hostage sensations and rapid response.

You will realize the importance of teamwork under extreme conditions. The most important thing – do the job at any cost. The extreme games will be interesting either children or adults. Especially, strike ball, laser tag etc.

The Cold War Museum “ Bunker 42  at Taganka” is very unique underground facility.  The only one anti-nuclear bunker. Such as unusual experience will not leave you indifferent!   

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