Recreation center "Strelka" (“Mikron-Promtekhkomplekt” LLC)

“Mikron-Promtekhkomplekt” LLC

Date of registration: February 13, 2003.

The company is in the city of Zelenograd – consider the center of the Russian microelectronics. A primary activity of the company is delivery of spare parts and accessories to the electronic equipment and the devices made in Russia.

In 2008, the “Mikron-Promtekhkomplekt” company got recreation facility "Strelka" in the city of Azov, the Rostov region. The base is on the bank of the ancient Russian river Don. From this point, the firm started developing the tourist direction of the business.

Now the recreation facility "Strelka" is a modern, comfortable vacation spot for all types of tourists. Married couples with children and simply the companies of people will find on recreation facility "Arrow" of class in taste. In addition, fascinating excursions on vicinities of Azov will tell about the past and the present of this hospitable Cossack region.

124496, Russian Federation, Moscow, Zelenograd, 4806 passage, House 5, Building 6
+7 (989) 718-81-80
+7 (863-42) 4-70-20