the Great Moscow Circus

What trip to Moscow can be without visiting the Great Moscow Circus?

Circus. Some people come here twice – first time in a childhood, second - together with their children. Meanwhile, the number of the Circus Arts fans is growing, because the circus has changed a lot in recent years. Its main reformers in Russia – Zapashny brothers - head now the Great Moscow State Circus, the biggest stationary circus in Russia and Europe, one of the main sights of the capital. Thanks to their desire, persistence and skills the Great Moscow Circus became a unique center of the entertainment industry, where any adults or children will have fine time.

Such you will not see in any native circus.

Comfortable auditorium of 3300 seats, ultra-modern decoration, light, sound and laser equipment, huge circular screen, mist generator and famous 5 replaceable rings allow to plunge into the atmosphere of the amazing worlds that arise before the audience’s eyes thanks to the coordinated work of the super professional team.

Here is creating the musical circus shows of the world class, combining the best traditions of the Russian circus with the latest technology, the author's music in a live performance, magnificent costumes and exciting story.

The Zapashny brothers, that won the hearts of the Muscovites and capital’s guests by the grandiose New Year’s shows that is going in the stadiums, which is annually visited by up to one third of a million people, generously share their experience and talent of the directors, producers and artists with the spectators of the Great Moscow State Circus, annually presenting on their court a several projects and circus performances. As a result of an innovative approach the Great Circus became repertory, adults and children have the opportunity to choose the performance that the best reflects their taste preferences, desires and mood.

Acrobats, jugglers, gymnasts, magicians, clowns, animal trainers and their four-legged and feathered partners await you at one of the next performance:

From the 9 to the 20 of September the World Festival of Circus Art “IDOL - 2015”. Become a tradition, it will allow the public to see the best circus acts from around the world;

From the 26 of September starts famous show “THE DOLL” which will play new paints on a circus ring and become much closer to the spectator;

Simultaneously from the 23 of October to the 6 of December the circus spectacle “Mister Tiger”. Is everybody ready to the arrival of a new hero?

From the 18 of December to the 10 of January the intriguing show “Prophetic dream” where the heroes and the scenes of the Slavonic mythology become alive, waits for the adults and children.

The creators and performers will talk to you on the circus art language about the funny and serious, about the main thing, and simple nice. We hope that our performances will cause your surprise, delight and empathy, make laugh and think. Of course, everyone will find of something special in the performance. We firmly believe in one thing: visit the Great Circus will remain in your thoughts and hearts the fond memories of our beloved city.

We promise: you will not be bored! Because here is a real Circus!


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