Lightbank is a commercial bank in Moscow, specializing in working with the corporate sector. Particular emphasis is made on financing trade with China.

3 years ago Lightbank began its move towards the East, giving priority to Russian-Chinese companies importing goods from China and Russian export counterparties. Among the first banks to offer direct cash payments in CNY, transaction passports in CNY, and account management, all in Chinese currency. It is possible to avoid the dual exchange rates and greatly accelerate payment transactions with China.

Since 2013 Lightbank is one of the most active participants of currency trading in the pair ruble / yuan on the Moscow stock exchange.

In August 2014, Lightbank was the first to issue UnionPay cards in both Russian rubles and Chinese yuan, having correspodent accounts with all the major banks in China, allowing for instanteneous money transfers. UnionPay cards are accepted all over the world, and the dominant payment system in China and the Asia-Pacific region.

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