North Caucasus Mountain Club, JSC

Active adventure tour operator North Caucasus Mountain Club, JSC

Unified Register of Tour Operators of Russia: МВТ 012491

Registration date: 2012

Sphere of tourism activities: international inbound and internal tourism in North Caucasus region

North Caucasus Mountain Club, JSC offers:

  • Nature tours – tours, oriented at picturesque sceneries, flora and fauna of the North Caucasus region
  • Historic tours – these tours acknowledge you with the history of nations of the North Caucasus starting form primitive pictures and ancient megaliths to medieval watchtowers, rock and cave fortresses and religious buildings
  • Ethnic and eco tours – the main aim of such tours is introduce you to traditional culture, ethnography and cuisine of the nations of the region
  • City tours –  tours to main cities of the North Caucasus revealing local architecture, history, culture and cuisine
  • Teambuilding – best way to improve team work

Toursdifficulty levels

Light – doesn’t involve hard routes and physical activities

Active – requires physical activities

Extreme – requires physical fitness and special skills, such tours are always risky

Quest – interactive journey

Popular tours

Elbrus ascension Sky Crown;  Alan’s Way; To the Land of Towers and Legends, Shkhelda’s smile, Alan’s Trip, Elbrus Vacations, Gastro tour, Dombay’s Waltz, To the Land of Lakes and Antiquity


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