Ostankino TV Tower

Ostankino TV Tower being the highest building of Europe is the main symbol of Russian television. The Tower has been providing not only broadcasting all over the country during almost 50 years but it is the leading communication company of Russia. There are no equal constructions in the world by signal power and technical equipment. Today Muscovites and guests of our capital know Ostankino Tower as one of the most popular sites of Moscow. Modern cultural and excursion center demonstrates high tempo of development. Over 1000 guests visit the Tower per day. Per month the number of guests approaching to 30 000. Ostankino Tower is attractive place not only for Russian tourists but for foreigners as well. The observation deck of the Tower is the single place where you can see simultaneously all sights of Moscow from.

Today the excursion office of the Tower offers visiting of the observation deck at the level of 337 meters where you can enjoy the most beautiful panorama of Moscow. In summer time, the open-air observation deck (340 meters) is open for the visitors. It is not only interesting art space but also good place for photo sessions and leisure time.

The Tower offers additional visiting programs for different kinds of tourists:

  1. Program “Shining Megalopolis” takes place from 9 p.m. to 10 p.m. The considerable part of the guests in this time is young people. Usually this program is interesting for romantic pairs.
  2. Program-quest “337 answers” is interesting tour developed by the professional teachers. This tour is built as a game-quest and children get a lot of interesting and useful information during this program.
  3. Thematic excursion programs dedicated to special festive dates: “Love and romance of Moscow”, “Day of Radio”, “New Year in Moscow”.


Ostankino TV Tower is well known as the popular event space of Moscow. Every event is celebrated with special interactive program:

  • On the 7th of May (Radio Day) the guests can try to be radio Dj,
  • On the 1st of June (Children protection day) all comers can enter their second childhood and fly soap bubbles from the open air observation deck, 
  • On the City Day all can say “I love you” to Moscow,
  • On the birthday of the Tower everyone can participate in the unique festival “Speed dating”,
  • On New Year eve you can launch the biggest timer together with Santa.

One of the purposes of Ostankino Tower is supporting of international contacts and interest to Russia as the country attractive for international tourism. Ostankino Tower participates in such exhibitions as “Intourmarket”, “MITT” (Moscow), “Fitur” (Madrid), “OTDYKH LEISURE” (Moscow).

Ostankino Tower being the principal Moscow skyscraper and having no equals in the world by elegance of engineering idea is the main symbol of not only Moscow but also the whole Russian Federation.

15/2 Akademika Korolyova str., Moscow
+7 495 926 61 11