Russian-Chinese cooperation in the field of insurance in tourism pushes the boundaries

During the period from the 21st to 26th of December in Moscow and Saint-Petersburg Russian-Chinese negotiations in safety and insurance in tourism took place. To participate in them the delegation from the largest insurance company of PCR ‘China Life’ headed by its General Director Deputy I. Syuefeng arrived in Russia. On the Russian part the leadership of Federal Agency for Tourism of RF, representatives of Rosstrakhnadzor, All-Russian Union of Insurers, the number of insurance companies and Partnership ‘The world without Borders’ that dealt with the arrangement of the meeting and receipt of Chinese guests. Presentation of the domestic tourism was carried out for Chinese guests at the same time.

The negotiations took place in development of positions fixed in the Minutes of the meeting of Sub-Commission in tourism of Russian-Chinese Commission in Humanitarian cooperation (Moscow, July 2009) and Memorandum about cooperation between the Partnership ‘The World without Borders’ and insurance Company ‘China Life’ (Vladivostok, April 2009).

Matters of safety, quality of services for tourists (Russian in the territory of PRC, Chinese – in the territory of RF), provision of necessary medical help for them and assistance in emergency situations were discussed at the meetings. Upon completion participants signed the final document where intention of the Chinese part to adjust cooperation with several large Russian insurance companies (their Branches) was fixed including for providing the joint mechanism of tourists insurance making trips between cross-border regions of our countries.

In this connection our Partnership is entrusted with creation and support of the unified settlement center on the basis of data base available on tour operators of Russia and China.
Shortly receipt from ‘China Life’ of draft documents of agreement character is expected to execute cooperation with the interested Russian insurance companies.

To provide more efficiently the further joint activity the Partnership ‘The World without Borders’ will accelerate the opening of official representative office in Beijing with support of ‘China Life’.