Beijing-Moscow Auto Rally 2012 has taken a successful start in Beijing

On June 5. 2012 Beijing-Moscow Auto Rally took start in Beijing. The Motor Rally will become one of the most important events within the framework of the Year of Russian Tourism in China. 12 cars driven by Russian and Chinese journalists were seen of by the heads of Chinese and Russian tourist authorities, press and citizens of Beijing.

The Motor Rally is organized by World Without Borders Non-commercial Partnership and supported by the Russia Federal Tourism Agency and the China National Tourism Administration. Its goals are to demonstrate the tourist potential of the regions of Russia, to promote automobile tourism in Russia, to attract foreign investment into Russian tourist projects and to enhance culture and business links between the two countries.

The Motor Rally start was marked by a press conference which too place in  Beijing International hotel. The speakers were: Alexander Radkov, head of  the Russia Federal Tourism Agency;  Zhu Shanzhong,   deputy director of the China National Tourism Administration;  Sergey Lebedev, head of Russian embassy’s Humanitarian Cooperation Group; Ivan Vvedensky, chairman of World Without Borders Non-commercial Partnership; Alexey Lutkevich, Motor Rally leader; Xing Wenling, Great Wall Motor Co, Ltd vice president; and others. More than 60 representatives of Chinese and Russian media were present.

After the press conference 12 cars left Beijing and headed to Beidaihe where the Motor Rally is planning to stay overnight.